Our courses

You can join our courses at any time during the year: each course is structured around the student and his/her individual project. There are people who join to learn or a improve a new technique or to create a specific object with our support.

Our courses are open to everyone with no age limits.

Our courses will give you the technical knowledge you need to handle the tools and materials as well as specific teaching in the various phases of the production technique and support in planning and in actually making the object. In this way you will be able to pick up the technical expertise necessary to enjoy making things as a hobby in a relatively short space of time or, with greater commitment and over a longer period, become a professional in the field.

Once you have finished the course we are also available to help you with projects you have carried out on your own: all you need to do is to book a single lesson and if you need to, you can also buy the materials directly from us.

We offer 8 hour courses on a monthly basis (two hour lessons once a week for 4 weeks) at these times:

  • Tuesday      10.30 -12.30

  • Thursday      17.00 – 19.00

  • Saturday     11.00 – 13.00

The fees include the use of the equipment in our workshop to enable you to complete your work (basic types of glass, lead or tin for soldering, paints, glues, cutters, marble mosaic tiles etc…) :

  • Joining fee valid for all types of courses  €  50,00

  • A monthly set of 4 lessons ( 8 hours in total)          € 185,00

If you would like a fast, intensive course ( particular useful for people who don’t live close by) :

  • 1 lesson of 4 hours € 145,00


  • 1 lesson of 8 hours € 245,00

If you book in advance, you can watch a lesson for free .