Our stained glass windows

Stained glass windows bring light, colour and beauty into a home. They can divide a room without actually closing it, enhancing whole the area. Stained glass can be placed in doors, above doors, in windows and in dividers of rooms to formally create separate areas while permitting light to pass unimpeded.

We can show you a vast range of techniques, styles and designs but we can always create ad hoc solutions for a client’s requirements by adapting the window or object to his/her taste for it to fit seamlessly into an existing context, producing bespoke and unique results.

For example one can use mouth blown glass if one wants to a dreamy or crackled texture or else opalescent glass if one desires a bright, translucent but not transparent area, all joined together with lead or soldered with tin (Tiffany technique). If one wants a mosaic of colours without having joins of either lead or tin between the individual pieces, one can use collage or by melting the glass using a glass fusing technique. To achieve a tone-on-tone effect (different shades and shapes of colour on a sheet of glass) one can sand blast or engrave. If one wants the elegance of a glass solution with the need for a load bearing structure one can use glass slabs (dalles de verre) which are inserted into cement or glued with epoxy resin.

We have supplied many glass based solutions for a large number of houses and flats, schools, public buildings and churches working closely with the client in the context of an existing plan or creating with them an entirely a new project. We are ready to work with you to help you create and find the best solutions for your needs.