What style should I choose?

Modern? Antique? A classic Tiffany? Abstract? Geometric? Flowery? The style for an item to be created using glass will depend on the client’s taste as well as the environment in which the object will be placed and the amount of light available.

Our job is to discuss and evaluate with you a design of a window, a glass door, a lighting solution or a lit work of art which is aligned with your taste and and make sure it fits into its new context. We start with your idea or a requirement that you might have, we then make a proposal, modify and personalise our suggested solution until we find the perfect outcome for you.

Whether it’s a stained glass window for a religious establishment, a pane to enhance a public or private space, a new furnishing, a lighting solution or a way of dividing an area in your house or office, we will be able to find what you need and we will be able to supply it in the style which most suits you.

Here are a few examples:

We supplied this door for an architect’s office, using Mondrian’s work as our inspiration.

We made this window to fit into a small empty space in the middle of a series of bookshelves.

A window in a small private study which uses Medieval themes and decorative style.

For a Moslem client we made these lights which reproduce Kufic calligraphy (Allah and Mohammed).


An astronomer asked us to advise on a glass door for his laboratory and we came up with this fun and colourful outcome.

For a passionate winemaker and his view over his vines, we created a stained glass window replete with succulent bunches of grapes


For a glass door giving onto a rose filled balcony we made a beautiful, flowery panel


For a little meditation room facing the sea we came up with a series of delightful blue candle holders in relaxing azzure hues